Asset Class
Fixed Income
Funds under management
$1.3 billion
Product Type
Managed Fund

The Fund

The Fund invests in global credit and fixed interest assets including hybrid securities, loans, asset backed securities and derivatives to manage risk. Quarterly forecasts are used to manage the fund on a top-down basis by looking at what types of debt investments could offer. Its suggested investment timeframe is a minimum of three years.


The Team

The Fund is managed by the investment team at Bentham Asset Management led by Managing Director and Head Portfolio Manager, Richard Quin (interviewed here by brightday). Before Bentham Asset Management was established, the team worked together at Credit Suisse. 

The Performance

Figures as at 31.03.16. Benchmark: Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index

brightday determines the benchmark each fund is measured again against. There is only one benchmark for each asset class.


The Style

With a goal of providing a stable income for investors, the Fund diversifies its exposure to global and domestic markets while managing risks posed by currency and interest rate changes. The overarching focus of the fund is capital preservation. Consequently, at least half of the portfolio must be allocated to investment grade securities.