Asset Class
Aus Shares
Funds under management
$110 million
1.65% + outperformance fee
Product Type
Managed Fund

The Fund

The Smallco Broadcap Fund can invest up to 40 per cent of the Fund outside the ASX 100. It looks to beat the S&P/ASX 300 by five per cent after fees on a rolling three-year basis. It recommends a minimum investment timeframe of five years.


The Team

Smallco Investment Fund is looked after by a team consisting of Rob Hopkins, Bill Ryan, Andrew Hokin, Craig Miller and Paul Graham. Rob and Bill are also on the Board of Directors, with one other independent director. The team’s philosophy is the market shows a price for a stock that is inclusive of investor sentiment, not actually what it is worth - or at least what they think it is worth.

The Performance

Note: When the Fund has a positive return greater than the benchmark, a performance fee of 15 per cent is paid on this excess. This fee is deducted from the value of the investment quarterly.

Figures as at 31.03.16. Benchmark: S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index

brightday determines the benchmark each fund is measured again against. There is only one benchmark for each asset class.


The Style

Bottom-up analysis, where the fundamentals of each company are analysed is how the fund determines which shares to invest in. If there are no investment opportunities, it isn’t unusual for the fund to hold around 20 per cent cash. Taking a high conviction approach, the fund holds around 20-30 shares.