Complete Super

Product Summary

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Complete Super

Whether you're coming from an industry fund or an employer fund, brightday Complete Super offers you more options and more support, with one place for all your super activity.

Do your research, buy and sell, and manage and report, all in one place.

How it works is up to you.  You can change your level of involvement any time, as your interest, confidence and commitments change.

Choose your level of involvement

Want to be hands off?

  • Simply choose an investment goal and we'll take care of implementing your investments and managing them for you, with six ready-made portfolios to achieve specific objectives
  • Check the performance of your investments online any time

Want to be hands on?

  • Trade shares, buy managed funds, open term deposits, hold cash and more
  • Do your research, invest your money, and track your investments all in one place

Increase or decrease your level of decision-making at any time.

A huge range of options

Choose from hundreds of investments, across all major asset types.

  • Six ready-made portfolios designed to achieve your specific goal (defensive, balanced, growth)
  • Managed funds, model portfolios, separately managed accounts
  • Shares (includes shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs)
  • Term deposits and cash

Not sure what mix of investments is right for you? Use our portfolio planner to find out, in just two minutes, how you might invest your money to achieve your objectives, based on the information you provide.

Cover your insurance needs

  • Life and TPD
  • Income Protection

Simple and convenient

  • Once you're set up, there's no more signatures or paperwork - buy and sell online using the same simple form
  • See your portfolio and your research all in one place
  • Australian-based support to help you implement and manage your portfolio
  • Works for you whether you're building wealth, preparing to retire or already retired

Learning, general advice and tools

  • Tailored information, general advice and investment options
  • Expert guidance on investing topics tailored to your knowledge level and preferences
  • Unrestricted access to brightday Stock Screener
  • Access to a shortlist of top performing managed funds using the Featured Funds tool.

Reporting made simple

  • Transactions, reporting and record keeping managed in one place
  • Report options include portfolio summary; asset allocation; tax entity and portfolio valuation; transactions; income by period/investment; funds deposited/withdrawn 
  • Automatic preparation of financial statements
  • Consolidated tax time reporting

Rely on independent, established wealth brands

Partnered with OneVue's established online investment know-how as the platform operator, together we've created a simple, sophisticated way for you to manage your super, no matter your level of investing experience.

How does it work?

Just complete the application form, then we'll arrange for your funds to be transferred over from your previous super provider(s).  When your funds arrive, we'll either invest your money in line with your instructions or you can get started. You use the same simple online form for every type of investment so it couldn't be easier.

What info do I need to apply?

Before applying you will need to have read the following documents:

PDF icon Brightday Complete Super Product Disclosure Statement.pdf

PDF icon Brightday Complete Super OneVue Managed Account Product Disclosure Statement.pdf

PDF icon Brightday Complete Super Additional Information Guide.pdf

PDF icon Brightday Complete Super Managed Account Model Portfolio Guide.pdf

PDF icon Brightday Complete Super Insurance Guide.pdf

PDF icon Brightday 2020 Annual Report.pdf

PDF icon PDS Update Notice - February 2021

Not sure whether this option is right for you?

Detailed pricing table

Things you should know

When you open a Complete Super account:

  • Your first $2,500 (or 2% of your total portfolio, whichever is the greater) needs to be, and remain, invested in one or more of the Ready-made Portfolios and/or Cash Hub. We use these funds to cover fees associated with your investing activity and insurance cover
  • You are offered the opportunity to invest in TDs from institutions with a credit rating of BBB+ and above
  • To reduce risk, we have some rules around how much you can invest in any single ASX stock.
  • You can only invest in stocks that make up the All Ordinaries index
  • The total of your portfolio cannot hold more than 80% of direct shares (this excludes shares in managed funds and SMAs)
  • You can invest a maximum of 20% of your total balance in any single share in the ASX200
  • You can invest a maximum of 10% of your total balance in any single share in the ASX200-300
  • You can invest a maximum of 5% of your total balance in any single share outside the ASX300 that fall in the All Ordinaries index
  • If a share moves from one of the above restrictions to another, you do not need to sell your holding, you are only restricted from purchasing more of that share