Retirement ready

Kirstie Spicer 19 April 2016 06 m

While superannuation is the centre of political debates, retirees need to focus on the headwinds they face being dependent on their savings.

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The perks of taking a pension

Kirstie Spicer 12 April 2016 04 m

Find out why it's important to know what age you can take a pension from your super or access financial help from the government when planning for retirement.

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The risks all super savers face

Kirstie Spicer 4 April 2016 06 m

There are a number of threats we must navigate as we save for retirement.

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Planning for lower returns

Kirstie Spicer 29 March 2016 04 m

Find out how to avoid lower returns from your super fund hindering your retirement plans.

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3 types of financial advice

Kirstie Spicer 22 March 2016 04 m

If you need help with budgeting, understanding investment choices or planning to fund life events a financial advisor could help you.

  • Managing my portfolio and super strategies

Are you underinsured?

Kirstie Spicer 15 March 2016 08 m

Most Australian's don't have enough life insurance cover, leaving a financial burden for their loved ones if something should ever happen to their ability to earn an income.

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Living pay-cheque to pay-cheque

Kirstie Spicer 7 March 2016 05 m

Half of all Australians are reliant on their monthly pay to meet their expenses, and it's not because the cost of living is rising.

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3 investment myths

Kirstie Spicer 29 February 2016 04 m

Recent sharemarket returns have proved traditional investment guidelines can set your portfolio up for disaster.

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Managing income in retirement

Kirstie Spicer 22 February 2016 08 m

A new product is designed to give retirees more certainty over their income in retirement, but few people know about it.

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